My new jewellery storage solution!





“Say my name” – Heisenberg




Some embroidery from me using the new Sulky stick on transfers sheets (it’s printable!!)

and an image found online (no source mentioned unfortunately).

At last… a garment!


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There is a new crochet magazine in town: Simply Haken.

Or rather: it is new for me.

Recently I bought an issue, saw this pattern, and promptly decided this would be my new project.

I had some fantastic mustard colour yarn lying around, and it was perfect for the job!

Although my mother has knitted me countless jerseys as a child and a grown-up, I have never made any garment for myself, and seeing that crochet is my thing… it was TIME!



The pattern is pretty straight forward, with a 2-row repeat that is easy to grasp and to remember. The back is just a rectangle, and the front has a simple shaped neckline – very easy if you follow the instructions.

For the sleeves: not a typical sleeve pattern, as the shoulders are quite low. In hindsight, I would probably make it a bit tighter than the pattern next time.

But all in all… I am so impressed with myself! I even wore it to work yesterday. And it only took about a week and a half to finish.


PS. The Facebook page of Simply Haken is very useful: I asked a question on how to start the neckline and they answered quick and with good tips.

Sublime Stitching


Even though I have enough hobbies already and keep down a full-time job, I do enjoy a bit of embroidery from time to time.

On a trip in 2013 to Seattle, I came across Sublime Stitching products in a small craft store. Since then I have been a big fan of anything Jenny Hart makes.

Her motto of “This ain’t your gramma’s embroidery” really resonates with me, since there are so many cool things happening with crafts these days – nothing which resembles old-fashioned tea-towels.

So here is my first attempt of one of her patterns, a little deer head on a pillow which I duplicated three times.



I can definitely recommend any of her products – they are quirky, fun and easy to use!

PS. My next attempt will be something from her Craft Pad book which I recently bought.